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Need service for your pride and joy? Let us come to you! Our certified technicians will be happy to service your inboard and stern drive engines on runabouts and cruisers.

Our Rates -  $110/hour (1 hour minimum)

Oil Change $150*

• We Change Your Oil
• We Replace Your Oil Filter
• We Test Run Your Engine

*Price per engine. Call for pricing on large capacity engines (7.4L, 8.1L). Price Excludes Sales Tax.

Oil & Lube Service $175*

• We Change Your Oil & Filter
• We Change Your Gear Lube
• We Check Your Belts and Hoses
• We Test Run Your Engine

*Price per engine. Call for pricing on large capacity engines (7.4L, 8.1L). Price Excludes Sales Tax.

Outdrive Service $149*

• We Remove Your Outdrive
• We Check Your Drive Alignment
• We Grease Your Gimbals Bearing, U-joints, and Splines
• We Change Your Gear Lube
• We Reinstall and Do a Test Run

*Price per drive. Price Excludes Sales Tax.

Water Pump Service

Alpha $249*
Bravo $265 - $320**

• We Replace Your Impeller
• We Change Your Gaskets
• We Reinstall and Do a Test Run

*Price per engine. Price excludes sales tax. ** Price per engine. Price excludes sales tax. Early models use a plastic housing which should be replaced as an assembly ($320). Later models use a bronze housing. Only the impeller needs to be changed ($265).

Annual Boat Service - Every 12 Months

Single Alpha Drive: $449 Single Bravo Drive: $459 Single Inboard: $360
Dual Alpha Drives: $789 Dual Bravo Drives: $829 Dual Inboard: $629

Your boat is a complicated community of moving parts, electronic equipment and dozens of systems that all need to be checked annually. While most boat owners are diligent in maintaining their craft only a professional can determine if everything is working up to par. This annual service will ensure your boating pleasure and eliminate costly repair due to infrequent service. We recommend you invest in an annual service every year.

Our Annual Service Includes:
• Change oil and filter(s) • Replace the fuel/water separator • Clean the flame arrestor • Check/Adjust your carburetor(s) (if applicable) • Check and adjust engine timing • Check all belts and hoses • Re torque engine mounts • Inspect the exhaust system • Check the transmission fluid (inboard only) • Check engine alignment • Remove the outdrive • Inspect the drives bellows/u-joints • Change outdrive gear lube • Grease the drives input shaft and splines • Check and lubricate the throttle and shift cables • Inspect all steering components • Check the power steering fluid level • Check the battery/add water/test • Clean all battery terminals • Check the Zinc anodes...

Annual Service With Impeller Service
Every 12 to 24 Months Depending on Engine Hours

Single Alpha Drive: $659 Single Bravo Drive: $779 Single Inboard: $739
Dual Alpha Drives: $1199 Dual Bravo Drives: $1459 Dual Inboard: $1359

This service includes every item in our Annual Service. In addition we service your impeller. Your impeller ensures that your engine(s) run cool. This is accomplished by taking water from the body of water on which you are entertaining and using it to cool heat sensitive engine components. Timely impeller service ensures that your engine(s) do not overheat while in use causing you to become stranded. We recommend an impeller service every 24 months or annually if you spend every waking moment on your boat.

Generator Service - Every 12 Months

Generator Service Pricing: $375

The generator is one of the most expensive components on your boat. Generators are engineered to offer the user years of trouble free operation. They are designed to run 24/7. Unfortunately, this design criterion is actually a problem for Arizona boaters. We tend to use our boats less frequently and end up not running our generators often enough. This can, and often does, result in generator failure. The tip is to run your generator every time you are at the lake whether you need it or not. We also recommend an annual service to check and replace if necessary any faulty components.

Our Generator Service Includes:
• Change the oil and filter • Replace Impeller • Replace the fuel/water separating filter • Change the spark plugs • Change the governor oil (Westerbeke) • Check all belts and hoses • Clean the flame arrestor • Check the coolant level • Check and lube the throttle linkage • Check output under load • Test CO monitor operation...

Marine Products: Marine Engines

There's nothing worse than a boat with a dry hull. If you've experienced a marine engine failure, we'd like you to consider a JASPER remanufactured marine engine. From laid back cruising to wide open throttle, JASPER MARINE provides all the power you need and expect for your boating pleasure. Precision machining and quality parts, combined with thorough testing, give JASPER MARINE engines and you the edge in remanufactured inboard and I/O engines.

When you install a remanufactured marine engine from JASPER MARINE, you will discover a new source of power from the nation's number one remanufacturer. By choosing JASPER MARINE, you will choose absolute performance and excellence for your replacement needs.
And best of all, JASPER MARINE offers immediate availability on most popular marine engine applications to get you back in familiar waters fast so you can watch the sunset from your boat rather than from the shoreline.

Extensive research gives us the insight to correct problems in original manufacturer design, improving marine engine performance and reliability. Add to this such procedures as torque plate honing (just like the boys at NASCAR do) and a standard set of new parts like valves, springs, pistons and timing components, and it’s easy to see why JASPER MARINE should be your choice for a remanufactured marine engine.
Live-run dynamometer testing of popular complete inboard and I/O engines and an 18 Month Nationwide Transferable Warranty on complete engines further justify the faith you place in our remanufactured marine engines.

When you install a remanufactured engine from JASPER MARINE you’re purchasing peace of mind as well as trouble-free operation for many years to come.

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