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We prove ourselves to our customers with our constant training in the automotive field. ALL of our technicians are ASE certified with required updated training to keep up to date. Along with ASE training our technicians also have many other diplomas and training awards in numerous fields of  expertise.  

The shop owner, AL , is a seasoned 20 year + ASE Certified Master Technician, DANA Doctor of Motors degree , Member of the Professional Mechanics Association, Hunter Trained Alignment Tech, Tomco  Fuel System Specialist ,GM Trained Fuel Injection and Engine Controls Tech , Trained Ford Electronic Engine Controls Tech ,Certified A/C Tech  just to name a few of his credentials 

When is the last time you were involved in your car repair decision ?

 AL  has been involved in the automotive field for all his life and truly compliments the staff with his honest straight  forward honest values. He is avid car lover.   He has achieved a strong customer trust and following which comes with many years of customer loyalty.

AL   will make the car repair process an informed and valued decision and one that you will truly understand. You will be part of the repair process and feel comfortable about the decision you will make. 

With over 50 years combined training and experience in many phases of the automotive field, and servicing 100+ cars a week , AL  and staff  can assure you that the job will be done right. We have the knowledge and understanding to relate you concerns and your vehicles symptoms and problems to the technicians before the work is done. This initial "diagnostic" helps our technicians know the possible cause and effect  BEFORE we even work on your vehicle. With the skilled knowledge of a vehicles multiple complex systems ,  this helps our technicians  "zero" in on the proper area of concern to diagnose test and fix your vehicle.

 We do not apply sales quotas to your repair process. The shops commitment to you is that we are concerned about your repairs and that whatever work was done on your vehicle was only what was needed to fix your problem. 

Our repeat customers continue to prove this is true and keep us growing with referrals.

The customers support is shown in the trust of sending us new clients daily.

 We Thank You !



To get the job done right, price is not the deciding factor and you must have the best equipment available for your clients. With cars today and their many advanced electronics and computers that control most of the vehicles functions, parts changing is a thing of the past. Many times chemical treatments and "flushes" are suggested as a "fix"  and really are a "up sale". When this does not work,  you are then  told you need a actual repair to correct the problem. Money wasted that can not be recovered.
Improper service procedures and chemical additives can damage mechanical components, sensitive sensors and electronics and the damage may not show up at first. 

Sensors that relay info to the computer can get costly to change on a guess. There can be a number of sensors the all work together to control only one function. It is the skilled tech with the proper equipment and knowledge that can find the ONE sensor at fault. 

But even with all the hi-tech complex electronics in vehicles ,  basic mechanical and electrical functions still apply. You have to know the proper function and order to apply to each of the vehicles symptoms. Our skilled technicians can diagnose the basics functions to the complex computer problems and save you time and money. 

Computer controls and electronics apply to alternators , transmissions , engines , brakes, tune-up, 
air conditioning , suspension , steering and tires to name a few.

CONSIDER THIS : after a tune up was done, a induction cleaning service , a fuel injection cleaning service , a motor flush, oil additive and synthetic oil change at a considerable cost ; the overlooked shorted battery cell can make your car stall and run badly and get poor fuel mileage due to the computer adjustment for low voltage. If  the proper equipment  was used this would have shown up in the diagnostic check by a skilled technician diagnosing your problem with the proper knowledge and equipment. 

Today's cars are very complex and need skilled technicians 

to repair them correctly.


Would it be worth it to know that the shop had the equipment and know how to fix it without hearing the 'you have to take it back to the dealer' but the real reason is they can not fix it in their shop.. If your car is under factory warranty, it should to go to the dealer for a covered repair or recall. If we find that , you will always be advised of the "free" repair.

We also can save you money on fleet services and maintenance if you are a business in need of a cost alternative to new vehicle replacement.. 

Inexperience and parts changing will fix the problem eventually, but cost YOU MONEY. 

 It is your choice who you trust to fix you vehicle.

We honor extended warranties , insurance , or offer a second opinion if needed.  How many times have you heard 'you need a special piece of equipment to fix this that I do not have' ?  That's the guy who is not dedicated to fixing your car, he just wants to make his money on the "easy stuff" with no investment in training, equipment or experienced techs. 

We continue to invest in equipment and the technology needed to keep up to date and this will let you know we CAN do the job right and this WILL save you money on your repairs.

We know what it takes to service all your automotive needs without the dealer or the specialty shop high prices.

No up sale pressure to you  because we have no shop quotas to meet .

We are not a franchise with sales volume to meet. 

No other stores to compete with.


 We care about our reputation and the referrals we receive.



(847) 259-7670


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